To Create Sustainable Value ...



More than ten years’ experience in Iran industry and profound knowledge of market structure and customers lead us to provide a variety of professional services for all levels of car supply chain (from parts sourcing to after-sales services) in the passenger and commercial cars market. The services that we offer are as below:

  • Analysis of car industry structure in all sectors
  • Demand prediction and analysis
  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Business plan
  • Investment feasibility study
  • Market strategy
  • Concept clinic
  • Car clinic (static/ dynamic)
  • Product portfolio development
  • Brand positioning
  • Measurement of brand value
  • Creating and implementing advertising campaign
  • Measurement of brand image and monitoring
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction index
  • Measurement of customer loyalty index

پرتال پورتال سازمانی بایگانی اسناد پورتال جامعه مجازی پورتال شبکه اجتماعی