To Create Sustainable Value ...


Mission & Background

RISEN, founded in 2008, is a consulting company providing professional business development services in different sectors of industry. RISEN founders benefit from more than ten years’ experience in Iran industry in the fields of marketing research and planning, business development, joint ventures studies with global car manufacturers, sourcing and export affairs.

In RISEN, we provide a variety of research and professional services for marketing research, business planning, strategic management, brand development and management, and advertising for international companies willing to succeed in Iran market and Iranian companies targeting a prosperous place in domestic, regional and global markets.

Our expertise includes precise case definition, gathering related data to the case and business environment and providing comprehensive and applicable analysis. RISEN incorporates qualitative and quantitative methods for marketing research and prepares required facilities for performing focus groups, CATI survey system and field studies in Tehran and other cities of Iran.

Data analyzed is based on related methods that are applicable in B2B and B2C environments.

Based on market dynamics and aspects of sustainability, we incorporate analyzing capabilities, successful experiences and also up-to-date knowledge and knowhow in order to make applicable and operational results.

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